We operate a Residents’ Parking Permits Scheme for council owned parking areas. We own many small areas of land that are used for resident parking across the city. These are generally off-street parking bays, small car parks associated with flats or occasionally, small roads that we own. 

Where we receive complaints about residents not being able to park on our parking areas because of commuter or tourist parking, we can introduce residents' parking permit schemes to ensure that residents have a space to park close to their home.

We can also introduce one of our resident parking permit schemes where we know that Oxfordshire County Council is introducing a CPZ and we expect that commuters will be displaced and move on to park on our land. 

Where we introduce residents' parking permit schemes, we will contact all the households that we consider to be eligible for a permit. 

Apply for Residents’ Parking Permit for council owned parking areas

Apply for a Residents' Parking Permit

Types of permit

Residents' Permit 

You will be offered this permit if you are a resident or leaseholder with Oxford City Council. In some areas, homeowners may be eligible for a permit. Vehicle details are registered with our contractor who use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to check if a vehicle is registered . Permits are valid for a maximum of two years. We will contact you before your permit expires.

Visitors’ Permits

In most locations, eligible residents will also be provided with visitors’ permits. We have two types of visitor permits: 

  • Three hours
  • Overnight (3pm to 10am)

Visitor permits must be clearly displayed in vehicles.

Carers’ Permit 

Carers’ Permits are available for registered care providers who need to park in housing parking locations when visiting their clients. Carer Permits for family members are also available in certain circumstances. Carer Permits must be clearly displayed in vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for Carer Permits.

Holiday Permit

Holiday Permits are available where family are visiting for longer periods. Holiday Permits are usually provided for up to two weeks. Holiday Permits must be clearly displayed in vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Existing parking permit scheme areas

We currently have schemes in the following areas:

  • Albert House
  • Amory Close
  • Andromeda Close
  • Atkyns Court
  • Banbury Road Flats
  • Bath Street
  • Bears Hedge
  • Birch Court Headington
  • Boundary Brook
  • Bradlands
  • Butterwyke place
  • Cannon Court, Harefields
  • Cardinal Close (38A-38C)
  • Cardinal House
  • Colemans Hill
  • Cosin Close
  • Cress Hill Place
  • Cumberlege Close
  • Daisy Bank & Purs Lane
  • David Walter Close (21-32)
  • Druce Way
  • Edmund Road
  • Evenlode Tower
  • Ferry Hinksey Road
  • Foresters Tower
  • George Cooper House/Malcolm Stone House
  • George Moore Close
  • Glanville Road
  • Headley House
  • Heath Close
  • Hundered Acres Close
  • Iffley Road (310-340)
  • John Snow Place
  • Knights House
  • Lake Street
  • Littlehay Court (1-8)
  • Mattock Close
  • Mogridge Drive
  • Normandy Crescent
  • North Place
  • Paradise Square
  • Pegasus Road
  • Pike Terrace
  • Plowmans Tower
  • Preachers Lane/Friars Wharf
  • Riverside Court
  • Russell Street
  • Sandy Lane
  • School Court and; Great Clarendon Street
  • Singletree
  • South Bridge Row
  • Spooner Close
  • Stewart Street (Gordon Street)
  • Stockleys Road
  • The Grates Garage Forecourt
  • The Oval - Rose Hill
  • Tilehouse Close
  • Townsend Square
  • Tucker Road
  • Venables Close
  • Venables Close (1-9)
  • White House Road/Salter Close
  • Windale House
  • Windrush Tower
  • Wood Farm

Parking scheme enforcement

We currently use a company called Vehicle Control (VCS) to patrol our housing parking areas.

The scheme works by registering each household’s vehicle(s) registration on VCS’s online portal and VCS use Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to identify which vehicles are registered.#

No personal information is passed to VCS apart from the vehicle registration, make, model and colour.

VCS will patrol the area on a regular basis and any vehicle not registered or not displaying a valid permit will be issued a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

Contact the Tenancy Management Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 249811

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