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We have launched ‘Do You Fuel Good?’ in partnership with Oxford Friends of the Earth and the Canal & River Trust to tackle the health and environmental harms from wood burning at home.

With the rise in energy prices, more people are now looking at alternatives to central heating. The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) has reported a 40% increase in sales of wood burning stove sales compared to the same period last year.

We want to educate and inform people who use wood burning stoves and open fireplaces on the harms they cause, and ways to reduce the impact. The campaign will work in two phases to provide information for people who use wood burning in addition to central heating, and for those who rely on stoves in order to encourage best practice:

  • Part one is aimed at people who use wood burners in addition to central heating - the objective is to inform people on the type of pollution that wood burners cause, and why this matters
  • Part two aims to provide information to those that rely entirely on stoves on how to burn more cleanly and efficiently. This will include what trademark to look for on quality assured fuels, planning to reduce how often and how long they use the stove for, and knowing how to be fuel efficient and clean.

The ‘Do You Fuel Good?’ campaign supports the air quality action plan, as well as the Council’s ambition to achieve a Zero Carbon Oxford by 2040 or earlier, ten years ahead of the Government’s 2050 deadline.

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