We have identified the below list of community green spaces/sites as potential locations for small community events to be used when applying to host your event.

You can hire these sites for £100 per day plus a security bond.

  • Alexandra Park, OX2 7LH
  • Aristotle Lane, OX2 6TP
  • Barton Bradley Recreation Ground, OX3 9LB
  • Bernwood Park, OX3 3HB
  • Croft Road Recreation Ground, OX3 0JZ
  • Fettiplace Recreation Ground, OX3 9NZ
  • Five Mile Recreation Ground, OX2 8HT
  • Foxwell Drive, OX3 9QE
  • Fry's Hill, OX4 7WU
  • Gillians Park, OX4 7YS
  • Horspath Road Recreation Ground, OX4 2RL
  • John Allen Rec, OX4 3JP
  • Manzil Way Gardens, OX4 1YH
  • Margaret Road Recreation Ground, OX3 8NQ
  • Meadow Lane Nature Park, OX4 4BL
  • Milham Ford Nature Park, OX3 0FL
  • Mill Lane Recreation Ground, OX3 0QW
  • Mount Place, OX2 6BJ
  • Northway Centre, OX3 9RG
  • Peat Moors, OX3 7HS
  • Quarry Hollow, OX3 8JR
  • Ridgeway Road Recreation Ground, OX3 8DS
  • Sandfield Road, OX3 7RW
  • The Kidneys, OX4 1TJ
  • Valentia Road, OX3
  • Wood Farm Recreation Ground, OX1 2JD

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