We have implemented a commercial (trade) waste restriction area in the city centre to improve the city centre visually, ensure that it is easier to cleanse, remove the build-up of environmental nuisances and improve public safety.

The system simplifies the presentation times within the affected streets which will reduce the waste in the city centre during high footfall times, limit waste on our streets during the evening economy and continue to support the high standards of our street cleansing regime.  

These requirements only apply to the green area on the map below.  There are no other presentation restrictions in the city centre.

Map showing streets marked in green commercial waste collection restrictions area

Streets marked in the green area on the map are: Hythe Bridge Street, Park End Street, Worcester Street (south only), George Street Mews, New Road, Gloucester Green, Chain Alley, St Georges Place, Gloucester Street, Bulwarks Lane, George Street, New Inn Hall Street, Shoe Lane, Bonn Square, St Michaels Street, Queen Street, Cornmarket, Frewin Court, Magdalen Street, Friars Entry, Market Street, Ship Street, Turl Street, Blue Boar Street, Bear Lane, Alfred Street, King Edwards Street, St Aldate's ( junction with Pembroke Street), High Street (up to Magpie Lane junction).

In the green area the following restrictions apply:

  • no waste is to be presented between 10am and 6pm onto the highway - you will need to arrange with your waste collector and agree a time that you are presenting your waste is onto the highway for collection that abides by the time restrictions in force.
  • this waste needs collecting within 2 hours of being put out so that it is not left out to cause a nuisance
  • all bins must have the name of your business securely labelled on them
  • any bags need to be identifiable to an officer from which business they originated - this can be the name of the business or an identifier marked or printed onto the bags

Businesses must remove their uncollected waste from the highway. You then need to contact your waste collection provider regarding the missed collection and re-present during the times allowed.

We have put restrictions in place to help prevent concerns over the anti-social impact of storing waste on public highways in the city centre during busy periods.

Problems include: 

  • abuse by passers-by
  • increased risk of scavenging and infestation by pests
  • littering


We are committed to working with businesses and commercial waste companies to ensure that no waste is left on the streets outside the time frames specified.

If waste is mispresented, enforcement action may be taken under; section 47 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and other legislation as may be appropriate in the circumstances.

Common queries

As a business we do not present any waste onto the highway as it is collected from our premises directly by our waste collection provider. Can we continue with the same arrangements?

Yes; this change relates only to items that are placed out on the highway eg bins, bags and cardboard. If the waste is stored and collected directly from your premises or a bin store, then your arrangements remain the same.

We are a shop that closes before the presentation window. Can we leave our waste out early?

No the only time waste can now be presented and left on the highway is between 6pm to 10am. We acknowledge this may cause some businesses and organisations to have to slightly amend the hours that staff are available to place your waste out for collection.

Are the new presentation times in place 7 days a week?

Yes they are.

What happens if my waste collection provider fails to collect my waste?

Answer: It is not desirable for waste left on the highway to be out for any longer than it should be. If your waste is not collected for whatever reason by your waste collection provider, then it will need bringing back inside your premises. It is a good idea to provide your waste collection provider any out of hour’s contact details for the business; should there be a need to contact you in case of any failed or missed collections. You will also need to speak to you waste collection provider to agree a suitable time in keeping with the restriction that you will be presenting your waste.

My waste collection provider is unable to arrange collection during the presentation times.

Answer: There are numerous businesses that provide commercial waste collection services that may be able to assist servicing your waste collection requirements if approached.

I do not believe that a business has a waste collection provider and is deposing of their waste illegally.

Answer: Please contact us on the below email and this will be looked into. All businesses have a duty of care over the waste that they produce.

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