ODS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxford City Council, and has responsibility for the delivery of many front-line services, including street cleansing, park maintenance and the collection of waste and recycling.

ODS has been a strong advocate for green fleets having operated electric vehicles for well over a decade. And although our large, local infrastructure means our vehicles only need to travel short distances we remain committed to building a more sustainable company and to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint further.

ODS currently operates a fleet of 334 vehicles, these are predominantly cars, vans and tippers, but also include 49 heavy goods vehicles, 11 sweepers and 22 registered agricultural and engineering plant.

We currently have 66 electric vehicles with another 29 on order.  Electric vehicles now make up 20% of our fleet and by the end of 2022 this should reach 28%.

To help us get there, we took part in the Energy Superhub Oxford project and were able to part fund 41 electric vehicles including:

  • 1 e-Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV)
  • 1 Electric Sub Compact Sweeper
  • 1 Electric JCB excavator
  • 11 Electric Cars
  • 2 Electric Tippers
  • 25 Electric Vans

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