Kendall Copse

Kendall Copse is a 2.3ha community woodland, supported by the Friends of Kendall Copse and local residents from Kennington.

How to get there

The postcode for the copse is OX1 4XS, just outside the village of Kennington.

Access is best on foot, accessing the site from the Kennington Road entrance.

There is no car parking available, although Redbridge Park & Ride is a 10 minute walk away.


In 2008 the residents of Kennington created the community woodland and continue to work with us to maintain it.

Things to do

Take a stroll through the site or take time to watch the wildlife.

If you would like to support the Friends group, check out the information board at the entrance.


We offer regular volunteering opportunities or working parties across Oxford. If you would like to find out more, visit our Volunteering page



Many of the younger trees are still being supported and monitored, while the more mature hedges continue to support a diverse range of insects and birds.

Membership bodies

Friends of Kendal Copse

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