Rivermead Nature Park

Rivermead Nature Park is 3ha nestled between Rose Hill, the Eastern Bypass and the River Thames.

How to get there

The entrance to the park is from Rivermead Road, OX4 4UP.

There is limited roadside parking in a residential area. 

Kept as open, green space on the edge of the urban setting of Rose Hill estate, the site has been maintained as a wildlife haven and area for residents to reconnect with nature.
Things to do

Volunteers have been working to improve the park for both wildlife and visitors.

The platform provides opportunities to pond dip and nearby interpretation boards depict the invertebrates that you may see.

An open arena has been built with woven hazel creating a meeting space or outdoor classroom for local school children and families.


We offer regular volunteering opportunities or working parties across Oxford. If you would like to find out more, visit our Volunteering page.


The pond here is notable for its vast of array of fresh water invertebrates.

It’s also famous for the toads which make their way back here each year to spawn.

A tiny spring opens into a flush, which has formed a tiny fenland. The fen then disappears into the dense woodland while the water makes it way down to the Thames.

Recent surveys have also identified the following species:

  • pond and wood sedge
  • creeping and common thistle
  • hawthorn and blackthorn
  • hazel and ash
  • celandine
  • soft and hard rush
  • redcurrant
  • watercress
  • broad-leaved and curled dock
  • grey and crack willow
  • water soldier
  • red and white clover
  • English elm
  • hart's tongue and broad buckler fern
  • lemon scented liverwort
  • mosses
  • black bodied red tail bumble and ginger bumble
  • freshwater shrimp
  • stone case caddis

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