Seacourt Nature Park

Nestled between retail and business parks, Seacourt Nature Park (2.5ha) is the gateway to a hidden expanse of open fields leading to Willow Walk, the Hurst and beyond.

With Seacourt Stream flowing through the site, the surrounding fields are kept as flood plain and is managed as grassland.


How to get there

The main entrance is along the Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0JB, between Wickes and Richer Sounds. 

The nearest parking is at Seacourt Park & Ride

Numerous buses run to and from Oxford along the Botley Road and stop a short walk away from the entrance. 

Things to do


The site can be incorporated into a scenic walk into the city centre or the surrounding villages or for stretching your legs at lunchtime.


We offer regular volunteering opportunities or working parties across Oxford. If you would like to find out more, visit our Volunteering page.


Seacourt Nature Park displays many native species of wildflowers, which attract numerous pollinators including:

  • ox-eye daisies
  • meadow buttercup
  • yellow rattle
  • lesser celandine
  • red clover
  • welted thistle 

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