Trap Grounds Town Green

The Trap Grounds (3.8ha) is almost the last remaining wild open space along the Oxford Canal between the city centre and the northern suburb.

It lies between the canal and the railway line, immediately south of the Frenchay Road canal bridge. An information board marks the entrance to the site, at the start of a track called 'Frog Lane'.

Protected as a Town Green Trap Grounds is now a watery wildlife haven. 

How to get there

You may have walked past the entrance and its noticeboard without taking a walk into this watery haven.

The postcode is Frenchay Road, OX2 6TF. 

There is no on-site car parking. There is restricted parking in the surrounding residential roads.

It is best to access the site on foot or by bicycle.


The Trap Grounds consists of three acres of reed bed  and four acres of scrubland - formerly waste-ground- and now a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats.

Things to do

An accessible boardwalk links the habitats together, providing ample opportunities to identify species of wildlife. 

There are also natural seating areas within the woodland areas.


We offer regular volunteering opportunities or working parties across Oxford. If you would like to find out more, visit our Volunteering page.

Alternatively contact the Friends of Trap Grounds and join in their regular working parties.


The Friends of Trap Grounds work tirelessly to improve the wildlife habitats, being rewarded with new sightings and sounds.

The Friends have updated their records which have included:


  • Fox
  • Stoat
  • Badger
  • Roe deer
  • Water, bank and field vole
  • Pipistrlle and noctule bats
  • Common, pygmy and water shrew

Amphibians and reptiles

  • Common and marsh frog
  • Common toad
  • Smooth newt
  • Slow worm


  • Water rail
  • Reed and sedge warbler
  • Reed bunting
  • Snipe and Jack snipe
  • Mallard
  • Moorhen
  • Kingfisher

This list is not exhaustive, please check out the Friends of Trap Grounds website for full details and recent sightings.

Membership bodies

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