Hinksey Park
A short 15 minute walk or cycle ride from the centre of Oxford, off Abingdon Road, Hinksey Park is a wonderful green and watery haven for people and wildlife.

Its avenues of Giant Redwood and Pine trees create a unique space and picturesque venue for picnics, play, sport and relaxation.

The park is proud to fly its Green Flag Award. The Green Flag is the standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales, awarded by Keep Britain Tidy. It is a means of recognising and rewarding the best green spaces in the country.
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Travel and Parking

By foot: The park is a short walk, approximately 15 minutes from the city centre or Park and Ride.

By cycle: The No 5 cycle route runs through the park. Cycle racks are available within the park.

By bus: Buses pick up and drop off outside the park. Alternatively use Redbridge Park & Ride.

By car: There is a small car park, off Abingdon Road. Charges apply.

Opening Times
Hinksey Park is open all day every day.
The Splash area is open 10am-6pm

The park was laid out in the 1930s on the site of the former Oxford Waterworks since then it has become a focal point for the community and visitors alike looking for a sporting activity or to relax and enjoy the surroundings and wildlife.

Things to do

Whatever the season Hinksey Park has lots of water or land based activities to offer:

Park map

Download our Hinksey Park map.


The park is important as wildlife habitats for many insects and mammals. The lake and its surrounds support:

  • amphibians
  • small mammals
  • bats
  • water-fowl
  • seabirds
  • freshwater sponges


It is currently not possible to fly model aircraft or drones (both with and without camera for filming purposes) within Oxford City Council’s public open spaces, including parks and nature reserves.

As these spaces are open to the public and experience high visitor numbers throughout the year, flying model aircraft and drones are not permitted for safety reasons.



It is now easy to book tennis courts online before you come to the park. This is a great way to make sure one will be free for your game. You can book in minutes from your mobile, tablet or computer.

If you forget to book before you arrive at the park the easiest option is to quickly use your mobile phone to reserve a court. 

Oxford Tennis League - play friendly competitive matches. There are four 8-week rounds a year and adults of all standards are welcome to join.

Visit out Tennis page for more information.


The park is an ideal starting point for a walk into the countryside and offers access to:

  • South Hinksey
  • Chiswell Valley
  • Boars Hill
  • Thames Path

Clubs that use the park

Friends Group

We are currently looking for active members of the Friends of Hinksey Park. If you would like to join the group, please contact us to find out more.


Swans in Hinksey Park

People sitting on bench in Hinksey Park


Contact the Parks Team: 01865 249811

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