We want to work in partnership with you, the people of Oxford, to improve the city. Consultation is at the heart of this partnership.

Effective consultation provides us with vital information about how we can meet the diverse needs of people living, studying, working and visiting the city. By getting involved in local affairs, you can influence decisions about public services. This can result in improvements in the quality of life for local communities.

Consultation also strengthens local democracy by encouraging a closer relationship between decision-makers and the people affected by their decisions. We believe consultation is vital to the creation of sustainable communities.

Online Consultation

We list all the consultations we carry out on our Consultation system. You can participate in those that are of interest to you.

The benefits of getting involved include:

  • Giving us your views will ensure we are delivering services that you have helped to shape
  • Your views will always be at the heart of any decision-making that takes place at the Council

Focus Groups

When we need to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how local people feel about a particular issue, we organise focus groups. These groups consist of about eight people who discuss issues in much more depth.

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