Pre-reading materials

Materials available to assembly members and the public before the assembly included:

  • Participants briefing pack 
  • Climate Emergency Strategy Support (Anthesis) report 

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Weekend One (Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September)

During the first weekend, a series of speakers provided a scene-setting overview of the issue, what happens if we don’t act, and what it takes to get to net zero emissions. The remainder of the first weekend examined each theme and subject area in turn, including consideration of the associated key challenges and trade-offs. 

Weekend Two (Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October)

The second weekend involved participants’ discussion and deliberation of each subject area and the introduction of specific questions around particular trade-offs. The questions spanned areas that the Council has direct control, where it can work in partnership with other statutory bodies, and where it can influence others.

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Post Citizens Assembly materials

Materials available to participants after the second weekend of the assembly concluded:

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