Oxford City Council expanded Seacourt Park and Ride to provide an additional 595 parking spaces.

The expansion aims to reduce traffic and congestion in Botley Road and the city centre. Previously, the car park regularly reached full capacity.

The £5m project, which was completed in April 2021, also created a new bus terminal and bicycle storage facility.

The work was carried out by ODS.


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The aim of the project is to remove congestion and pollution from Oxford city centre. The city centre has toxic and illegal levels of air pollution in some streets.

During flooding events, the expansion is designed to hold flood water and slowly release it back into nearby watercourses. This aims to protect properties in Botley Road from flooding.

Project timeline

The project was granted planning permission in 2018. Work started on site in August 2018 but was delayed by a combination of exceptional weather, Brexit and Covid-19. The project was completed in April 2021.

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The City Council carried out a public consultation on the proposals in 2015 and then again as part of the planning application in 2017.

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