A picture of local residents, councillors and council officers celebrating outside the newly-completed Bullingdon Community Centre in December 2022


Oxford City Council handed over the keys to the new Bulligdon Community Centre to the local community association in December 2022.

The new centre, which was built by ODS, provides flexible space for community activities, meetings, and social gatherings.

It replaces a 1950s community centre that had deteriorated significantly over the years.

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Bullingdon Community Centre is run by the Bullingdon Community Association on behalf of local residents.

For more information about Bullingdon Community Centre, including events, activities and room hire, visit Bullingdon Community Association's website.


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The new building has been designed to be good to the environment, using solar panels, a heat pump, low-energy lighting and high insulation to reduce energy needs, making this one of the most energy efficient community centres in Oxford.

Project timeline

Construction on the new building began in January 2022. The council’s contractor, ODS, was able to complete the build within a year thanks to the modular design, where sections were created off site and assembled around a timber frame, rather than brick-laying from the ground up. The keys to the new centre were handed to Bullingdon Community Association in December 2022.