We aim to:

  • Consult our customers regularly to ensure that they are happy with the service we are providing.
  • Allow our customers to give their views on any major changes being made to our service.
  • Use customer feedback to improve our service.
  • Check that all of our customers can access our service equally.
  • Use customer expectations of our service to set internal targets for performance.

To do this we will:

  • Use the feedback that we get via complaints, compliments and comments by reviewing this data regularly and learning from this to improve our service. We will identify trends in order to identify areas where improvement is necessary.
  • Be aware of who our customers are and how this may impact on their needs.
  • Conducting an annual survey using a variety of methods (phone, post, in person and on-line) to allow participation of a wide variety of our customers to measure overall satisfaction, invite suggestions for improvement and gain feedback on a wide variety of the services that we provide.
  • Look to embrace new methods and technologies to contact customers, where this will be relevant and useful for customers.
  • Regularly review our consultation strategy to ensure that it is relevant to customer needs.
  • Only hold a separate record of customer data for as long as required to conduct the survey.

Reviewed 23.04.19