Anti-Racism Charter

About this Charter

Our vision is: Collectively committed to being proactive, in making Oxford an anti-racist city

We’re a city making an active and conscious effort to have difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about what it means in practice to be anti-racist – both as individuals and across our organisations and institutions.

We are a city working together to change our thinking of racism as conscious, intentional and explicit actions to also understanding when it is unconscious, unintentional and indirect actions too.

We recognise that although racism does happen to, and by individuals, it can often be institutional too – racist actions which are embedded in an organisation and the way it behaves towards certain groups and individuals.

Without understanding the root causes of racism and how it affects people we cannot dismantle the institutional structures which give rise to it, that result in inequality and unfair outcomes for people from ethnic minorities and people of colour.

Therefore, this Charter demonstrates Oxford’s commitment to being both anti-racist and lays the foundation to advancing equality of opportunity for all ethnic minorities and people of colour in our city.

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