The latest Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP 2021-2025) replaces the 2013 Air Quality Action Plan. The 2021-2025 Air Quality Action Plan was adopted by the Council in January 2021 following public consultation.

Air Quality Action Plan 2021

This Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been produced as part of our statutory duties required by the Local Air Quality Management framework. It outlines the actions we will take to improve air quality in Oxford City from 2021 to 2025. It also fits within and furthers our wider ambitions to improve air quality, health, and climate.

The key objective of this AQAP is to bring NO2 emissions into legal compliance as soon as possible.

However, we also want to reach beyond legal compliance for the whole city. Oxford City Council is committing to becoming the first UK Local Authority to set a local annual mean NO2 target in a citywide AQAP. The overall objective of this AQAP for the whole of the Oxford City area is to:

Achieve a local annual mean NO2 target of 30 μg/m3 by 2025 “30 by 25”

To be able to meet this target, we have developed a set of 30 actions and measures that we will deliver together with our partners and which sit within four priority areas of intervention:

  • Developing partnerships and public education;
  • Support for the uptake of Low and Zero emission vehicles;
  • Reducing emissions from domestic heating, industry and services;
  • Reduce the need to travel, explore opportunities for mode shift and increase the uptake of sustainable transport.

Download the 2021 Air Quality Action Plan

Air Quality Action Plan 2013

The Councils current Air Quality Action Plan highlights measures to improve local air quality in order to meet the air quality objectives within the city. Further measures to improve air quality will be considered within the Oxford Area strategy of Oxfordshire County Council's Local Transport Plan for 2015-2030 (LTP4).

The 2013 Air Quality Action Plan prioritises measures to deliver sustainable road transport and improve air quality.

The AQAP identifies six key themes:

  • Support for development of sustainable transport measures
  • Support for the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles
  • Reducing freight emissions
  • Planning for sustainable transport
  • Managing the Council's transport emissions
  • Developing partnerships and public education

Download the 2013 Air Quality Action Plan

2006 AQAP - Progress

A number of significant measures have been implemented in conjunction with Oxfordshire County Council over the last decade, notably:

  • The development of the Quality Bus Partnership delivering integrated ticketing and leading to reductions in bus numbers
  • The Transform Oxford initiative which has increased pedestrianisation and re-located bus stops
  • A bus based Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in central Oxford from 2014
  • Investment in cleaner greener vehicles by bus operators

Download the 2006 Air Quality Action Plan

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