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Getting Involved - Tenant Involvement 

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What is Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement?

Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement is about starting a conversation between you, the tenant, and us, the Council, about shaping the services we provide to you.

By getting involved, tenants and leaseholders are able to:

  • Review, shape and monitor how services are delivered
  • Help us identify what works well, not so well and where we need to improve services
  • Have a say in what is important to you.


The word cloud above shows your feedback from our 2014 Tenant and Leaseholder Conference


How can I get involved?

From the comfort of your home, to working directly with us, there are a number of ways in which you can get involved.

What if I haven't done anything like this before?

We will help you make the best out of whatever role you decide to choose through training and personal support. As an involved tenant you could put your own skills to good use or develop new skills. Some tenants use the involvement opportunities to improve their chances of employment. Find out more on our Training and Resources page.

Are there any funds available to help with projects?

There are a range of funding opportunities to support Tenant and Resident Involvement. Find out more on our Funding page.

Are you interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in finding out more contact our Tenant Involvement Team on 01865 249811 or at tenantinvolvement@oxford.gov.uk.

The Local Offer

Local Offers are the additional standards agreed with you that are tailored to meet local needs and priorities and help us improve your services.

The Oxford Standard

Oxford City Council feels that the Decent Home Standard is one we can improve upon. Our goal is to generate our own including all the elements of the Decent Homes, as well as new elements, enhancing what is currently in place.

The Housing Scrutiny Panel and Tenant Scrutiny Panel are jointly working to support the delivery of this.


Tenant Participation Advisory Service

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) is the leading national tenant participation organisation working to promote tenant empowerment.

For more information visit the Tenant Participation Advisory Service website or call 0500 844111.


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