Working with ODS, we are supporting a new recycling service enabling you to recycle your coffee pods every week, as part of your normal kerbside recycling and waste collections.

How to register and start recycling your coffee pods

Register for the Podback recycling service at the Podback website. If you live in a flat or communal property please contact us first so we can assess your collection arrangements.

When you register you can order your free recycling bags to recycle your aluminium or plastic coffee pods. If you use both types of coffee pods, you can request a roll for each type as these must be recycled separately.

Once you have your bags you can start recycling straight away. Place your bags on top of your blue recycling or green waste bin lids (not your food caddy) on your usual collection day.

Please only use the bags provided for kerbside collection of your pods.

Contact the Recycling and Waste Team

Address: Cowley Marsh Depot
Marsh Road

Telephone: 01865 249811

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