Published: Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Oxford City Council has launched an online essential support directory to help residents deal with the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their lives.

The essential support directory is now available online and has been put together to guide residents to financial and other support they might need if they have been affected by the national lockdown. It includes links to subjects including benefits, debt, money saving tips, housing advice and mental health support.

The coronavirus pandemic is putting financial pressure on households who may never have expected to need support as well as to those already struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills. The council has created the essential support directory as a resource to help all of Oxford’s communities who have been affected by the virus.

Anyone wanting to suggest changes or additions to the directory should email with the word ESSENTIAL in the subject line.

“During this pandemic Oxford City Council has been helping hundreds of people with their individual problems. Behind each inquiry was a family struggling to pay rent, someone no longer able to afford their bills, or a person attempting to claim the social security support that they are entitled to for the first time. These personal stories combine to tell a story about how our lives have been changed by coronavirus, and many will find that story overwhelming.

“This council has your back. We will support you to overcome your individual problems. We will ensure our social security safety blanket is as strong as possible and we’ll advocate for fixes to the patchy, confused, and often cruel national social security net to ensure no-one is left behind.

“Our essential support directory will become a big help for everyone who needs advice and support for getting through these challenging times. I want to thank everyone who is committing so much time and energy to helping the most vulnerable in our society.”

Councillor Tom Hayes, Cabinet Member for Financial Inclusion and Zero Carbon Oxford

Councillor Hayes has taken on responsibility for the Council’s financial inclusion work as a result of changes to cabinet portfolios announced on 3 April.

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