Published: Monday, 26 April 2021

The elections on Thursday 6 May take place at a time when Covid 19 continues to present risks to public health.

Oxford City Council is working hard to make sure you will be safe when you cast your vote.

We are putting measures in place to make sure polling stations are safe places to vote:

  • you must wear a face covering when attending the polling station unless you are medically exempt
  • polling staff will be wearing face masks and there will be a Perspex sneeze screen in front of them.
  • there will be stewards on hand at the polling station. Please follow their advice
  • please use hand sanitiser provided as you enter the polling station
  • follow instructions and any signage within the polling station, there may be a one-way system in place
  • please bring your official poll card with you to the polling station. Polling station staff will not take your poll cards from you.
  • the poll clerk will issue your ballot paper(s) and a sanitised pencil if you don’t bring your own. 
  • in the polling booth, mark your ballot papers straight away. Then, keeping them separate fold each ballot paper in half and go to where the ballot boxes are
  • put your vote in the ballot box. Avoid touching the ballot box, if you can. 
  • follow the exit signs to leave the polling station straight away. More hand sanitiser will be available as you leave
  • please take your polling card and any disposable mask or rubbish home with you to dispose of safely
  • polling staff will regularly sanitise issuing desks, polling booths, ballot box lids and other touch points
  • there will be a limit on the number of people allowed in the polling station at any one time. The limit depends on the size of the room and other things that have been risk assessed in advance. This means there may be a queue for a very short time before being allowed into the polling station.

Vote by emergency proxy if you are self-isolating on election day

Anyone who needs to self-isolate with Covid will still be able to vote with an emergency proxy vote. The legislation will allow anyone who is self-isolating due to Covid to access an emergency proxy vote, up to 5pm on 6 May. For more details on this email the Oxford City Council elections team or phone 01865249811. 

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