Statement on vandalism to electric chargers

Published: Thursday, 28th October 2021

Oxford City Council has been made aware of acts of vandalism to three of its electric vehicle chargers. The damaged chargers are at the top of Southfield Road, off Cowley Rd, Frenchay Road in north Oxford, and Sandfield Road in Headington.

As a result of the vandalism the chargers are currently out of action and in need of repair.

The damage was caused by someone, or some people, trying to bypass the payment system and charge their vehicle for free. All of the attempts were unsuccessful due to failsafe systems in the chargers. 


“This kind of criminal damage not only results in inconvenience to electric vehicle users, it also means that the Council has to divert resources to repairing the units. The would-be thieves were thwarted however as our chargers all have systems in place to stop unpaid-for use. 

“The police have been informed about the incident. We’re asking anyone who saw the vandalism taking place, or sees damage being carried out to any of the Council’s EV charging points to contact the police or the City Council.” 
 Mish Tullar, Oxford City Council’s Head of Corporate Strategy


The City Council is now arranging repairs so that inconvenience to electric vehicle users can be minimised.

For those who use these EV chargers, alternative nearby chargers include a rapid charger in Manzil Way (follow the instructions on the charger units to use) or fast chargers in Stone Street and Juxon Street. A list of alternative chargers can also be found by visiting Zap Map.