Bag it, bin it or take it home

Published: Friday, 28th May 2021

Oxford City council is asking people to get outdoors, go active and even change the world this bank holiday weekend. But to do so responsibly and without dropping litter.

The weather is finally getting warmer. We can see and make friends, cuddle our loved ones and even catch up with our mates.

University exams are coming to a close. It is now normal enough to recognise annual celebrations as we welcome the sun.

But, in 2021, perhaps we can do better than we have previously.


This summer, we can all change things for the better by taking greater care of our environment and thinking about other people.

Even simple things can help.

Each piece of litter dropped in our parks and greenspaces, directly or indirectly, negatively impacts upon our habitat and can harm or kill wildlife.

This weekend, don’t feed the animals. Bag it, bin it or take it home.

“It is so nice that the weather is warming up at last.

“As lockdown restrictions ease, and we can all enjoy our public spaces more, it really is important that we do think about other people as we exercise our freedoms.

“A simple tiny gesture, such as picking up our own rubbish makes a real difference.

“We all care about our environment and we all have a part to play in making sure we protect it.

“Not just for tomorrow but for generations to come. Let’s all keep Oxford cleaner, greener and safer. Let’s enjoy it together.”

Councillor Lubna Arshad, cabinet member for parks and waste reduction