Hinksey Outdoor Pool ready for cool reopening

Published: Friday, 26th March 2021

The much anticipated return of outdoor swimming Hinksey Outdoor Pool is set to start on Monday 29 March, although the first week will be a bracing temperature while final repairs are made.

Hardy swimmers will be able to enjoy the beautiful Hinksey site next week, but the pool will initially be unheated for the first week. This is due to a problem with the water heating system that could only be tested once the pool was cleaned and heated for opening.

Instead of the normal 24 degrees the pool will be around nine degrees, around the same or a little warmer than wild swimming. The heat exchanger repairs are expected to be completed for the water to be up to 24 degrees by 5 April.

Bookings have already been made for the first week, those that feel the temperature is too low will be able to request a credit to book a future session. Anyone wanting to rebook should email info@fusion-lifestyle.com

Repair work has been underway this spring to fix a major leak as the winter conditions warmed up. Repairs finished last week and cleaning and reheating the pool began. As part of this work a problem with the heat exchangers emerged, requiring more repair work before the pool can be heated.

“We know from our swimming stakeholder group that people are keen to get back in the water. The pool will be open from Monday 29 March at ambient temperature, and we are working with Fusion to make sure the repairs are made as quickly as possible. We aim to have the pool heated before the end of the Easter school holidays.”

Ian Brooke, head of community services at Oxford City Council