ODS launches commercial waste management portal

Published: Thursday, 17th December 2020

ODS, the Local Authority Trading Company owned by Oxford City Council, has launched a user-friendly trade portal to help business customers manage their recycling and waste.

The portal is a core part of ODS’ vision to build a new kind of business that’s good for everyone. Many of ODS’ business customers have ambitious recycling targets as part of their commitment to carbon reduction. Having easy access to accurate information about waste and recycling collected each week allows businesses to monitor their volumes and make early interventions using the portal’s data. Importantly, it will increase awareness around their carbon impact and encourage them to take the necessary steps to mitigate it.

The solution offers customers a dedicated dashboard of their waste and recycling volumes for each collection. This allows them to take action to reduce waste volume, and put changes in place to increase their recycling levels. Customers will have early access to accurate data that they can use to make it easier for them to efficiently manage their waste, potentially reduce costs and support their carbon reduction targets.

This new platform is a further step of ODS’ plan to support businesses to build a better environment in which to live and work.

Wasting no opportunities to reduce rubbish

ODS is responsible for delivering frontline services in a bid to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy that balances purpose and profit. With projects such as this new portal, it’s currently making several improvements to help its customers manage trade waste more efficiently. ODS has a successful record of implementing new solutions, systems and technology to achieve reductions for its domestic and commercial customers.

"Helping businesses reduce waste and increase recycling forms part of our commitment to building a better community. We pride ourselves on how we have helped our new and existing customers save money, through improved and tailored recycling and waste services. This new portal allows our customers to use almost real-time data to manage their waste and see where there need to be additional support measures.

“Being the largest waste service provider in Oxford, we have made strides towards helping the city become more sustainable. We’ve improved our carbon footprint by using greener technologies and local processing plants where possible."

ODS’ Head of Environmental Services, Bruce Thompson

ODS' experience of managing recycling and waste means it can offer flexible and affordable services to fit requirements. ODS is committed to being a “doing good” company, employing local people and supporting businesses of all sizes. It is also keen to lead by example by working hard to reduce its own carbon footprint by converting its fleet vehicles to low, or zero, carbon engines.