Oxford City Council installs 90 new bike parking spaces in the city centre

Published: Wednesday, 26th August 2020

Oxford City Council is installing 90 new bike parking spaces in Oxford city centre.

The council will install 72 of the bike parking spaces by the end of August. This will see:

  • 24 spaces in Speedwell Street, outside Tesco
  • 24 spaces in Speedwell Street, outside Oxford Crown Court
  • 24 spaces in New Road

The New Road installation will also involve the replacement and upgrading of 24 existing bike parking spaces.

The remaining 18 spaces will be installed in Ship Street at the end of September when scaffolding work in the street has finished.

Installation work will be carried out by ODS, the council’s direct services company that operates like a social enterprise.

Other bike spaces installed across Oxford

The 90 spaces are in addition to the extra bike parking spaces that the city and county councils are installing as part of measures to help Oxford reopen following the coronavirus lockdown.

The council installed 130 additional bike parking spaces at its Park and Ride sites in June. These were installed with the aim of providing additional capacity once shops reopened. At the time, the government was encouraging people not to use buses due to the risk of infection.

Separately, Oxfordshire County Council is installing bike parking spaces at Oxford Parkway and Thornhill Park and Ride sites and across the city.

Future bike spaces

City, county and ODS officers are scoping a further tranche of locations. Oxfordshire County Council is due to make an announcement about new location sites in the coming weeks.

“Our clear objective – to improve health, reduce air pollution and cut congestion – is to encourage more people to choose cycling to get to Oxford city centre, and we know that a lack of bike parking spaces is one of the obstacles to achieving that.

“The support of our colleagues at Oxfordshire County Council and the University of Oxford, and the guidance of members of our disability forum on locations has been really valuable. We are continuing to look for new locations for additional cycle parking as the numbers of cyclists picks up again, and we are keen for businesses and organisations to consider installing secure bike parking for their workers and customers on their own land. ODS will be happy to quote for installing even small numbers of secure stands.”

Councillor Louise Upton, cabinet member for a safer, healthy Oxford