Reporting a death for Council Tax purposes

We understand the challenges faced when someone close passes away. It's important to inform us promptly if an adult occupier of a property dies. This helps us update Council Tax records accurately.

To update the records, please provide:

  • the deceased person's name and date of death
  • the address of their property
  • the date when the property will be or was cleared
  • the names and addresses of Executors or beneficiaries
  • the appointed solicitor's name and address

Tell us about a death

The property may be exempt or the Council Tax liability may transfer to another person. Joint owners must inform us of their situation.

Property owned by the deceased

If the deceased owned the property and left it empty:

  • if left to a beneficiary, they are liable for Council Tax from the date of death. They may qualify for an empty property discount
  • if jointly owned, the surviving owner is liable for Council Tax
  • if no beneficiary and the deceased was the sole owner, an exemption applies until re-occupation or probate. After probate, a further 6 months exemption may be available if still unoccupied and unsold

Property rented by the deceased

If the deceased rented the property, we need:

  • date of death and tenancy end date
  • landlord's name and address

The property is exempt from Council Tax from death until the tenancy ends.

Multiple adults in the property

If more than 2 adults lived in the property and one dies, the remaining occupiers immediately become liable for Council Tax. If only one adult remains, they should contact us for further guidance.

Contact the Council Tax Team

Please include your council tax account reference number when contacting us by letter or email. If you do not have an account reference number, please include your full address

Address: Oxford City Council
PO Box 10

Telephone: 01865 249811

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