Image showing new cycle path in Marsh Park


Oxfordshire County Council had funding to deliver improvements to pedestrian and cycling routes. A proportion of the funding was provided to Oxford City Council to deliver schemes within the city. One scheme identified was the provision of a new shared footpath/cyclepath at Cowley Marsh Recreation Ground.

There was a route which runs between the access from Marsh Road car park and then across the park to Barracks Lane. This was used by both pedestrians and cyclists, however the width of the path was not adequate for all users to comfortably pass one another.

The scheme provides a new all-weather footpath/cyclepath which is wide enough for pedestrians and cyclists to use at the same time. This route follows the existing path to the basketball/tennis courts with two new sections included for the most direct routes to connect into Barracks Lane.

The entrance to the park from Marsh Road car park has been retained and widened, alongside two new accesses from Barracks Lane.

A consultation ran from Monday 5 December 2022 and closed on Sunday 18 December 2022.

Benefits include:

  • Provision of a dedicated route for pedestrians and cyclists through the park.
  • A more comfortable route to cross the park, providing a suitable surface for all weather use.
  • Ties in with local cycling network and signed cycle routes.
  • Encourages greater use of the playing fields and promotes active travel.
  • Designating the path officially as a cycletrack.

Map showing route of cycle path through Cowley Marsh Recreation Ground


View location of Cowley Marsh Recreation Ground cycle improvements in Google Maps.

Image showing new cycle path in Marsh Park

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