Give us notice of a demolition

Anyone who intends to demolish a building that is not exempt must give us notice to by filling in and returning the form below:

Demolition notice form

The demolition work should only commence once: 

  • section 81 notice has been served, which will set out the conditions for the demolition.
  • The 6 week period has expired without any notification from us. 


Buildings exempt from demolition control include:

  • Buildings having an external size of less than 50m³ (Note that this is less than the average double garage).
  • A conservatory, shed or garage that forms an extension to a building.
  • Buildings used solely as agricultural buildings.
  • Work in occupied buildings where it is intended that it should continue to be occupied.

Listed Buildings

If the demolition relates to a listed building or is in a conservation area, please contact our Design, Heritage and Specialist services team on [email protected].


If any asbestos materials are found then the Health and Safety Executive should be contacted immediately to ensure safe removal and disposal.