Rent owed after you move out of your council home

When you move out of your Council home, or a tenancy ends but there are still rent arrears outstanding on the rent account, we call this 'former tenancy arrears'.

When you know you are moving out 

You must give us four weeks written notice that you intend to end your tenancy. At this time you should make arrangements to pay off all arrears and rent due up until the date you will be moving out.

If you are unable to pay off all of the rent outstanding, you should contact our Rents Team 

Repaying your arrears

You can make payments in the following ways:

If you fail to clear your arrears

If you ignore your arrears or fail to maintain your agreement and do not respond to letters, we could take further legal action against you to recover the debt.

Further legal action could affect your future credit rating and will increase your debt to us.

If you are evicted due to not paying your rent, you may not be eligible to join the Housing Register. If you are considered eligible, you will be required to pay off any debts before you can accept a property in the future.