This Service contract is made between Oxford City Council (“OCC”) and the individual customer (“the Customer”) who has applied for, and who has paid the fee for, OCC’s bulky waste collection service (“the Service”).  It sets out the terms and conditions under which the Customer may use the Service. In providing the Service OCC works in association with its wholly-owned subsidiary Oxford Direct Services (“ODS”). The Service can only be provided in regard to properties located within the Oxford city boundaries and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The fee for the Service shall be as specified by OCC and may be subject to variation. Unless otherwise expressly agreed with OCC, the Customer must pay for the Service by way of an appropriate card payment, made at the point of booking in advance of collection, with Oxford City Council as payee. The prices payable by Customers for the Service are set out on our Bulky Waste web pages, as are any operative concessions offered by OCC. All prices and concessions may be subject to variation.
  2. The Customer may use the Service for the collection of household bulky waste only, as further specified online Bulky Waste webpages. If an item presented for collection falls outside this specification, OCC/ODS reserves the right not to collect.
  3. If any item/s is/are presented for collection other than those which have been specified, agreed and paid for, OCC/ODS reserves the right not to collect any such item/s but the Customer may still be charged.
  4. If the Customer books a collection and subsequently changes their mind, they must notify OCC/ODS to cancel the collection no later than 3 working days prior to the designated collection date in order to qualify for a partial or full refund.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of items that can be booked for OCC/ODS to collect.
  6. Item/s for collection must be presented by 7am on the agreed collection day/s from an accessible and clearly visible location – where the pavement meets the public highway (or where your property meets a private road which OCC/ODS has agreed to service). The items must be presented for collection in a safe and considerate manner which does not obstruct the public’s right to use the highway and must be accessible to the collection crews. The crews will not go onto a property or enter buildings to collect item/s.
  7. If the Customer does not present the item/s at the agreed time/place or places the item/s in an inaccessible location, OCC/ODS reserves its right not to collect the items and the Customer will still be charged
  8. In the event of a missed collection when the item/s were presented correctly (as per Clause 6) the Customer should report this to OCC/ODS on the same day or at the latest the following day. OCC/ODS will endeavour to make the collection as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter. Refunds for missed collections will be offered only at OCC/ODS’s discretion.
  9. OCC/ODS reserves the right to suspend the Service over the Christmas, and New Year period and Bank Holidays, and all alternative collection details will be displayed. OCC/ODS reserves the right not to provide the Service if it is prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond its control or a force majeure, including but not restricted to any government lockdown. In these circumstances, a revised collection day will be provided and Customers will be notified.
  10. Where OCC/ODS has ceased provision of the Service to a Customer as a result of any misuse of the Service or default by that Customer, the Customer may continue to use the Service only at  OCC’s/ODS’s discretion.
  11. OCC/ODS accepts no liability for any damages or loss whatsoever incurred by the Customer resulting from the movement or presentation of item/s for collection, save where any death or personal injury has been caused directly by the act or omission of  OCC/ODS.
  12. OCC reserves the right to amend or replace these terms and conditions including any pricing at any time without further notice to the Customer. Updated terms and conditions can be found on the Recycling pages of our website.
  13. OCC/ODS may use the Service data it holds to help maintain accurate bulky waste records.
  14. By entering into a Service contract, Customers are complying with their duty of care for the removal of bulky waste in accordance with Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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