Taking action against unauthorised development

We will investigate all complaints made to us about unauthorised developments.

After investigating, if we find that action needs to be taken, we have the power to take different forms of action that will rectify the problem.

The most common form of action is an enforcement notice. There is a right to appeal an enforcement notice. The details of how to do this are attached to the notice. Failure to comply can result in a maximum fine of £20,000.

Other actions include

  • a breach of Condition Notice (requiring a condition attached to a planning permission to be complied with)
  • a Stop Notice (requiring a use or all building work to stop)
  • an Injunction requiring an owner or occupier of land to stop using the land for certain purposes
  • a prosecution for planning offences which include unauthorised works to protected trees and listed buildings or displaying an advertisement without consent.

Corporate Enforcement Policy