Change of Vehicle for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles

Step 1 – Check the vehicle criteria and obtain necessary documents

Before you submit your change of vehicle application to Oxford City Council, you must check the vehicle standards and completed the required actions listed below:

  1. Vehicle Criteria, Emission Standards and Age limit.

Please refer to the Vehicle Application Pack to ensure that the vehicle you intend to licence meets the vehicle criteria, emission standards and age limits set by the Council.

  1. Book a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) test for the vehicle

The Certificate of Compliance for your vehicle must not be completed any earlier than 28 days, before you submit your vehicle application to the Council. To book your CoC, you must call Oxford Direct Services, Cowley Marsh on 01865 335400. They will require the vehicle plate number that you will have previously obtained from the Taxi Applications Team.

Step 2 - Prepare all the necessary documents

We strongly advise that you submit your vehicle application no later than 28 days of when the vehicle CoC was completed - we cannot accept any CoC that is more than 28 days old. Vehicle Application Forms.

Complete all the required forms and have all the documents listed below ready:

  1. The completed Vehicle Application Form
  2. The Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  3. Certificate of Motor Insurance (must only name drivers who hold a valid licence issued by Oxford City Council)
  4. V5 Log Book (front page and middle pages) / or New Keepers Slip or Purchase Receipt

Exemption Vehicles Only

Exemptions are typically granted to those vehicles that will carry out chauffeur driven account work only.  Exemptions are not granted for standard Private Hire work. If you require your vehicle to be exempt from displaying plates please provide the additional documents listed below:

  1. Exemption request received on company headed paper from the company
  2. Exemption request from the driver

Step 3 - Submit the application to the Council

Email all the documents listed above (Step 2) to

You must attach to the email ALL the Certificates, Forms and Documents listed above to the application email. You can spread the documents over few emails, as long as they are all sent one after the other.

You will receive an automated response that we have received your application. Once you have submitted your application via email we will assess it. If your application is not complete, we will email you back with the advice on what needs to be corrected or what you have missed. If your application is valid, we will move to the next step.

Step 4 - Payment and booking a plate appointment

  • We will call you to take a payment over the phone via secure line using your Debit/Credit card
  • Once the payment has been completed, we will book you an appointment to bring your old vehicle plate back and collect your new vehicle plate. We will also email you with your payment receipt and confirmation of your appointment.

Step 5 - Receiving the Paper Licence

Once the licence is issued, we will email your Paper Licence (counterpart) document.

Please be aware that this is only a ‘Quick Guide’ to assist on how to apply for a new Private Hire Vehicle Licence and you must refer to the full Vehicle Application Terms and Conditions to find full details.