If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Getting in touch

If you are homeless, or concerned about the possibility of losing your home, it is extremely important that you seek advice at the earliest opportunity.

Appointments are available at St Aldates Chambers (opposite the Town Hall) between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday - Thursday and 9.30am and 3.30pm Friday.

  • To book an appointment please call 01865 249811, select option 3 for Housing and then option 4 for Homelessness.

Seeking alternative accommodation

Prior to seeing a Duty Housing Advice Officer you should try to obtain alternative accommodation yourself, noting that if you are to rely on housing benefit, whether partial or full, this is unlikely to cover the rental amount of properties within Oxford City and you may need to look further away, at least to Oxfordshire, to find an affordable property. 

Current local housing allowance rates can be found for each area at Directgov - Local Housing Allowance Rates.

Seeking homelessness assistance

Help us to help you. Be prepared.

To enable us to help assess your situation more effectively you may be asked to provide some or all of the following documentation when you attend your appointment:

Proof of your identity

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • A document confirming your National Insurance Number
  • Photo Driving Licence

Details of your income

Recent statements of all bank and building society accounts (including current and any savings accounts) held by you and, if relevant, your household.

Employed? We will require your last five weeks payslips (or last two monthly payslips).

Unemployed? We will require proof of benefit received.

If you have a child or are expecting a child

A full birth certificate is required for any child who is to be  included in your application for housing.

If appropriate, any divorce or separation papers that show arrangements concerning the child.

Your maternity certificate or hospital notes confirming your pregnancy which should clearly show the estimated due date.

If you are renting a home

The tenancy agreement that you were given at the start of the tenancy and any other contract that you were given later.

If neither a tenancy or a contract were issued, then a rent book or letter from your landlord confirming the tenancy.

The notice issued by your landlord to vacate the property.

If your home is to be sold

Confirmation from your solicitor of the sale of your property detailing the value of the property, the amount of mortgage still outstanding and the amount of capital you are likely to receive when the property is sold.

Legal Action to repossess your home

The Court summons for possession with details of the application for possession, the court order for possession and the Bailiffs Warrant for possession if applicable.