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Steering Group Membership

The Steering Group is comprised of key local service providers, stakeholders and local representatives to provide strategic guidance and input to develop a vision for Oxford, identify key partnership priorities to meet that vision and to champion the development and implementation of action plans.

Core members are drawn from statutory services (Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, National Health Service, Thames Valley Police). Further members are invited representatives of key organisations and partnerships who have a significant contribution to make in delivering the vision for Oxford. 

Each member of the Steering Group is responsible for representing their organisation and the other partnerships and networks of which they are members. They are also expected to take forward the work of the Oxford Strategic Partnership in their own organisations and other partnerships and networks.

  • Baroness Jan Royall (Chair)
    Principal, Somerville College, The University of Oxford
  • Gillian Aitken
    Registrar, University of Oxford
  • Cllr Susan Brown,
    Leader, Oxford City Council
  • Sharon Barrington
    Programme Manager Planned Care, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Caroline Green
  • Chief Executive, Oxford City Council
  • Phil Clare
    Associate Director and Head of Knowledge Exchange, University of Oxford
  • Hannah Iqbal
    Director of Strategy, Oxford University Hospitals
  • Brendan Hattam
    General Manager of Westgate and Castle Quarter, Land Securities
  • Cllr Tom Hayes – Lead, Low Carbon Oxford Sub-Group
    Oxford City Council
  • Lydiah Igweh
    Director of Enterprise Support, Oxford Brookes University
  • Cllr Ian Hudspeth
    Leader, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Superintendent Joe Kidman – Lead, Safer Communities Sub-Group
    Area Commander, Thames Valley Police (TVP)
  • Jeremy Long
    Chair, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP)
  • Tom McCulloch / Emily Lewis-Edwards
    Co-directors, Community First Oxfordshire
  • Peter Nolan – Lead, Economic Growth Sub-Group
    Chairman and founder, OcQuila Therapeutics.
  • Frank Nigriello
    Director of Corporate Affairs, Unipart Group
  • Ian Green
    Chairman, Oxford Civic Society
  • Richard Venables
    Director, VSL and Partners and also represents Reciprocate
  • Stuart Wilkinson
    Head, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team, The University of Oxford
  • The Leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats – Cllr Andrew Gant attends as a contributing observer.

The Steering Group may also co-opt other individuals from time to time to fill identified gaps. The Oxford Strategic Partnership will review Steering Group membership on an on-going basis, which may alter according to specific priorities. Any changes will be based on the principle that the group is focused on the agreed strategic intention rather than aiming for representation of particular groups or interests.

Frequency of meetings will be agreed by the group and from 2019 will be quarterly. The total number of members is to be agreed by the group.

Role of Steering Group Members

  • To act as champions for the vision and each of the priority themes agreed by the Partnership;
  • To provide senior level representation of their organisation on the Partnership and to ensure implementation of partnership priorities within their organization;
  • To develop open and accountable partnership working with a city-wide perspective and link to county wide thematic partnerships and other groups;
  • To have an inclusive outlook for all citizens, residents, and workers especially those experiencing inequalities of access or outcomes;
  • To apply the principles of sustainability, and the need to balance environmental, social and economic concerns to achieve long-term improvements in quality of life;
  • To represent and promote the wider interests of the city at a county, regional, national, and international level;
  • To exert influence across a range of organisations and sectors to shape resource planning and deliver agreed outcomes in partnership with the community;
  • To provide a co-ordinated route for channelling new funding and development opportunities into the city.

Support Staff

  • Shelley Ghazi
    Policy and Partnerships Officer, Oxford City Council