Severe weather update

Published: Friday, 1st February 2019

1 February

Oxford Direct Servics is operating a near normal service this morning with some minor resource re-planning to compensate for staff who have not been able to get to work from more rural locations.

Gritting operations started at 7pm last night and continued alongside snow clearing operations throughout the night. Waste and recycling routes have been prioritised to enable services to start on time this morning. This has also helped with traffic on the main routes through Oxford prior to the main commuter traffic starting. Bus services appear to be fully operational across the city.

The weather warning is being maintained at ‘amber’ until 11am today but temperatures are forecast to stay at or close to zero for the rest of the day.

Highway winter maintenance operations are continuing. We have deployed resources to support the John Radcliffe Hospital and we will continue to react to requests from schools and members of the public as resources become available.

All waste and recycling services are up and running with the exception of garden and bulky waste rounds, which have been postponed to enable us to focus available resources on the main collection rounds.The emphasis is on working safely. Our on-board systems record any missed collections due to side roads etc. being inaccessible and this information is being collated throughout the day with additional ‘catch-up’ rounds being scheduled for when the weather abates. Volunteers are already coming forward to enable us to schedule additional collections on Monday and we envisage, based on current weather forecasts, that normal service will resume by close of business on Monday 4 February.

Additional salt stocks were strategically positioned yesterday, 31 January, and Streetscene services are being prioritised towards snow clearance and gritting of pedestrian routes, communal hubs and public areas across the city. Where possible and practical, our teams are also prioritising accesses to open schools. Our Estates Teams have started gritting and snow clearance operations in communal areas.

The vehicle maintenance workshops are fully operational and we are providing close support for the winter operations fleet.

Building services are operating as normal and we are prioritising responses to weather-related emergencies and requests for services.

We are liaising with all other appropriate authorities and will provide support to the wider response effort where we have sufficient resources available.

Staff morale is good and we are particularly impressed and pleased with the collective effort of ODS on this, our first large-scale emergency response since the formation of the new organisation.

Council Leader Susan Brown has thanked the Oxford Direct Services roads team for keeping the city going today.