Council supports training for a Living Wage City

Published: Tuesday, 22nd January 2019

Oxford City Council is supporting a training session for activists, unions, faith groups and citizens interested in fighting for the Oxford Living Wage.

The training will take place this Saturday, 26 January, at the Friends Meeting House, St Giles’. Starting at 10 am, the session will be run by the Living Wage Foundation and veterans of the successful campaign for Heathrow Airport to become a London Living Wage employer.

Entry to the training will be free, as part of Oxford City Council’s commitment to promote and support the Oxford Living Wage. The Oxford Living Wage is currently £9.69 an hour and will increase to £10.02 an hour in April. Oxford City Council, Fusion Leisure, Oxford Direct Services, Blackfriars, Campion Hall, Oxford Bus Company and the Oxford Quakers all pay the Oxford Living Wage as a minimum to their staff.

A further 63 employers in Oxford are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and pay the Real Living Wage. The Real Living Wage outside London is currently £8.75 an hour and will increase to £9 an hour in April.

The council is working with the Living Wage Foundation and local stakeholders with the aim of making Oxford a Living Wage City.

Councillor Martyn Rush, Living Wage Champion for Oxford City Council, said: “I would encourage everyone who is interested in the Living Wage in their community and their workplace to attend. Full training will be provided. I am pleased the council is supporting this event, which shows our commitment to getting fair pay for Oxford’s workers.”

Mark Ladbrooke, Oxford Living Wage Campaign added: “To build a Living Wage City, we need the council and our communities working together, and this is a great step forward.”

More information about the Living Wage and the Oxford Living Wage is at