Council and police joining forces for Have Your Say meeting

Published: Friday, 4th December 2015

Oxford City Council is joining forces with Thames Valley Police to hold a Have Your Say meeting in East Oxford.

It is an opportunity for members of the public to meet officers from both organisations and discuss issues in the area.

Residents will be able to talk to officers from the City Council about anti-social behaviour, environmental and noise issues, while police officers will be on hand to discuss crime.

The meeting will take place at East Oxford Community Centre between 11am and 12pm on Wednesday 9 December 2015.

Thames Valley Police holds regular Have Your Say meetings across the Thames Valley, but – following a successful pilot earlier this month – this is only the second time officers from the City Council have been involved.

If the joint meetings continue to be successful they will be rolled out across Oxford.

Councillor Dee Sinclair, Oxford City Council Executive Board Member for Crime, Community Safety and Licensing, said: “This is a great example of joint working to offer a better service to members of the public.

“If you live in East Oxford and have an issue with anti-social behaviour or crime, I would encourage you to come along to the meeting so that we can find a way to help.”