Statement on the removal of materials from George Street

Published: Wednesday, 3rd January 2018

Our Street Scene Team removed unwanted materials from a location on George Street on Tuesday afternoon after talking to the individual concerned a few days earlier.

Cllr John Tanner, Board Member for Clean and Green Oxford, said: “Our Street Scene Team cleared soaked cardboard and bedding from this location early on Tuesday afternoon. Care was taken in the removal of these ruined items, while some items which were considered to have some personal value were left in a small, single and neat pile such that it did not obstruct the highway. This included a few coins and books, which were left under a piece of cardboard. The area was not left in the state the photograph implies and it is clear that these items have been interfered with subsequent to our clearance of the rubbish.

“In our efforts to keep the streets of the city centre clean, the treatment of discarded items such as this is very difficult and we talk to individual rough sleepers directly – which happened in this case. We also work actively with the City Centre Ambassadors and the Police as appropriate to agree the best course of action. In many instances items that are undamaged are stored for a short period so that if desired, the owner can reclaim their belongings, but this is not always possible or appropriate. In this instance the materials removed did not warrant storage due to their condition.”