Published: Friday, 30 September 2022

Oxford City Council is seeking views on the latest stage of the Oxford Local Plan 2040.

The consultation is open from Monday 3 October to Monday 14 November and views can be given online and in person.

A planning document required by law, the Local Plan 2040 will be used to inform all future planning applications, by setting out how and where new homes, jobs and community facilities will be delivered to make Oxford a better place to live, work and visit.

The Local Plan 2040 is a step forward from the Local Plan 2036 (adopted by the Council in 2020).

Local residents and other stakeholders gave their views in an ‘Issues’ consultation in summer 2021 and the Council created a first draft of the resulting local plan (the ‘Preferred Options’), which the Council is consulting on before a more detailed draft is produced.

The Local Plan Preferred Options document was approved by Cabinet on 14 September.

The consultation is underlined by three key threads:

  1. 15-minute neighbourhoods: where everything residents need to live well is within a 15 minute walk of home
  2. Climate change: accelerating the move to net zero buildings and ensuring the City’s resilience against impacts of climate change
  3. Reducing inequalities: narrowing the gap in housing, health and employment inequalities across the city by creating real opportunities for everyone

“The Local Plan is important as it shapes the city to provide the best life for its people. Following last year’s consultation, we have drafted some preferred policy options, which we’re now asking for views on.

“We know local people have strong views about Oxford’s future and how the Local Plan will impact current and future generations. We want to hear the widest range of voices possible, young and old, from all parts of our city.

“We will record these different voices in this consultation so that our new Local Plan reflects fully what local people have told us they most value.”

Councillor Alex Hollingsworth, Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Delivery at Oxford City Council

From Monday 3 October to Monday 14 November, you can take part in the online consultation.

There will also be opportunities to come and talk with the Planning Policy team at various locations across Oxford. 

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