Electric car club pilot scheme puts hire vehicles in car parks across Oxfordshire

Published: Tuesday, 4th April 2023

An Oxfordshire wide car sharing pilot scheme is this month making 14 new electric vehicles (EVs) available for people to hire on an hourly or daily basis.

Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, Cherwell, South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire district councils have partnered with car club providers Co WheelsEnterprise CarClub, and Thame EV Car Hire to offer pay per use EVs on a 12 month trial basis.

The scheme gives people the chance to access an EV when they need one, without the expense of owning or leasing one outright. Car clubs can make it much more affordable for people who don’t drive every day and provide real-world experience of driving electric without a long-term commitment.

The EV car club vehicles are based in these locations:

  • Energy Superhub, Redbridge Park and Ride, Oxford (Co Wheels).
  • Cattle Market car park, Bicester (Enterprise CarClub)
  • Claremont car park, Bicester (Enterprise CarClub)
  • Calthorpe Street West car park, Banbury (Co Wheels)
  • Windsor Street car park, Banbury (Co Wheels)
  • Curtis Place car park, Kidlington (Enterprise CarClub)
  • Woodford Way car park, Witney (Co Wheels)
  • Back Lane car park, Eynsham (Co Wheels)
  • Southern Road car park, Thame (Thame EV Car Hire)
  • Greys Road car park, Henley (Co Wheels)
  • Cattlemarket car park, Wallingford (Co Wheels)
  • West St Helens car park, Abingdon (Co Wheels)
  • Cattle Market car park, Abingdon (Co Wheels)
  • Portway car park, Wantage (Co Wheels)

It is estimated that a successful car club vehicle can take on average 20 individually owned cars – often petrol or diesel vehicles – off the road.

Following on from the success that Oxford has seen with its growing network of car club vehicles around the city, the countywide pilot will assess demand for shared EVs and car club models across Oxfordshire.

Most of the vehicles – which can be hired by the hour or by the day – are brand new fully battery EVs with a range of between 150 - 250 miles each. They will largely be based at the recently installed Park and Charge EV charging hubs in district council owned car parks across the county.

There will also be a new EV car club vehicle at the Energy SuperHub at Redbridge Park and Ride in Oxford for the same trial period.

Car club membership is required in order to use new vehicles, and residents living near the new EV car club locations should look out for promotional codes giving them free or discounted membership as an incentive to try the scheme for themselves. Members can then hire car club vehicles in the scheme from as little as £5.95 per hour, including insurance, plus 12p per mile.

The EV car club pilot will be initially for 12 months to assess the demand for this type of service across Oxfordshire. The pilot project aims to inform longer term plans for potential EV car club rollout across the county.

“I am delighted that we are able to introduce a car club vehicle at Redbridge Park & Ride. In Oxford, we are lucky enough to have several electric car sharing services, however as part of our EV strategy, we are committed to expanding the number of car clubs across the whole city, including outside of residential areas. The Redbridge car club electric vehicle provides flexibility for residents to use an EV for a variety of reasons, including for longer trips outside of the city, as a way to try out an electric vehicle, or even instead of purchasing a second car.”

Councillor Louise Upton, Cabinet Member for Health and Transport, Oxford City Council

“Introducing EV car clubs right across the county is a key step in cutting our carbon emissions, as well as reducing the amount of individual vehicles on our roads and helping people to reduce the cost of living.

“Providing pay per use car sharing schemes like this makes it possible for people to consider giving up their own cars or second cars, and also to be more conscious of making an active decision about every journey they make.”

Jenny Figueiredo, Oxfordshire County Council’s EV Charging Project Manager

"We have seen growing demand for shared vehicles – especially electric cars – in Oxford city as people realise that owning a car can damage your wallet as well as the environment.

“We think it is the ideal time to make zero emission cars available across the county as it has such a high level of residents who want to travel more sustainably. Oxfordshire is at the cutting edge of how we will use cars in future and is setting an example that other parts of the country will follow.”

Richard Falconer, Co Wheels

“We are delighted to work with Oxfordshire County Council to launch this service. Car club is a great option to meet changing travel patterns for both residents and visitors to the area as well as helping reduce private car ownership and give people the opportunity to drive an EV.

“Enterprise CarClub members have access to our complete network of around 1,500 vehicles in more than 220 towns, cities and communities across the UK. This means they can enjoy the convenience of shared mobility not only in Oxfordshire but also when travelling elsewhere in the country.”

Daniel Gursel, Enterprise CarClub Director

“The residents of Thame are embracing the green revolution and we firmly believe a community EV car club scheme can be a major part of this. The future of mobility looks very different from the traditional car ownership model, and we are proud to be able to play a part in a greener, more sustainable future for the wonderful town of Thame and beyond.”

Ross Batting, Director of Thame EV Car Hire