Two by-elections announced for City and County Councils

Published: Tuesday, 24th January 2023

Following the resignation of Oxford City Councillor Nadine Bely-Summers, there will be a by-election in the Littlemore ward to fill the vacancy.

There will also be a by-election in the County Council division of Rose Hill and Littlemore. For further information go the County Council's website.

Both elections will take place on 2 March.

The Elections Act 2022 - voter ID

Parliament passed the Elections Act last year. The Act will introduce significant changes to the way elections and electoral registration are run in England, including that electors will have to provide ID at polling stations in order to vote. However, none of the provisions in the Act will come into force until May 2023, so these by-elections will be run according the existing statutory framework.

The election timetable

  • Notice of Vacancy was published on 23 January
  • Notice of Election will be to be published on 26 January
  • The list of candidates will be published after 4pm, 6 February
  • The list of election agents will be published after 4pm, 3 February
  • The Notice of Poll will be to be published by 22 February.

Poll cards

Poll cards for those currently registered will be issued from 2 February.

Registering to vote

If you are not already registered then the deadline to do so is midnight on 14 February. You can register simply and quickly on the Government's registration portal

Postal voting

Completed applications for postal votes must be received by 5pm on 15 February. Applicants must complete and sign (in ink) an application form, which they can download from the postal vote page on the Council's website. Those who can may  scan or photograph the completed form and email that to

Proxy voting

Completed applications for proxy votes must be received by 5pm on 22 February. You must complete and sign (in ink) an application form, which you can download from the proxy vote page on the Council's website. Those who can may scan or photograph the completed form and email that to

Polling Day

The hours of poll are 7am to 10pm. The count will take place after the close of poll and the result posted here on the Council’s website.

For more information about elections in Oxford visit the City Council’s Elections and Voting webpage.