Council launches ‘Treemails’ campaign ahead of National Tree Week

Published: Thursday, 24th November 2022

This upcoming National Tree Week, Oxford City Council will be launching a new newsletter mini series for residents on the topic of tree planting, entitled ‘Treemails’.  

The weekly newsletter, aims to act as an introduction to tree planting for people wanting to learn more during the tree planting season.

The newsletter will cover key information and tips on tree planting including: when to plant your tree, what species to plant, how to plant a tree, tree maintenance, and more.

In 2019, Oxford City Council declared a climate emergency, and in September 2022 reaffirmed its commitment to addressing the ecological emergency. The Council has planted over 10,000 new trees in its green spaces in recent years. Now, it is looking at increasing the number of street trees in the city, as well as planting on private land, and in residential gardens.

Tree planting is a widely recognised way of combatting climate change but planting the right tree in the right place is crucial.

Residents can sign up to the Treemails here and will receive a welcome email within 24 hours, then weekly Treemails will begin from Tuesday 29 November. Residents can sign up at any point and will start their journey on week one.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration and runs from the 26 November until the 4 December. It is organised by the Tree Council annually to celebrate the tree planting season. For more information on National Tree Week visit the Tree Council website.

Climate Action Oxfordshire

Tree planting is just one way that people and communities can make a difference to their carbon footprint. Earlier this year a new joint website offering practical advice for Oxfordshire people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy went live.

Climate Action Oxfordshire lists measures people can take and rates them according to effort, impact, and cost. It also gives people an idea of what financial savings they can make and includes tips and links on how to get started.

The one-stop shop has sections aimed at individuals, communities, and organisations, including businesses, and advice on transport, lifestyle, shopping, home and biodiversity matters.

More information about how residents and communities can make a difference to their climate footprint can be found here on the Climate Action Oxfordshire website.  

Our natural environment, including Oxford’s areas of woodland and trees along streets and in gardens, play an important role in reducing the effects of climate change and supporting our biodiversity.

“Our new Treemails newsletter aims to provide an introductory guide for people new to tree planting that they can use during the current tree planting season and beyond. If we are going to make Oxford a truly green city we also need everyone, including residents, businesses, schools and community organisations to help – by planting trees on their own land, where they can. I encourage anyone who is interested to sign up to the newsletter and to start their Treemail journey.”

Councillor Susan Brown, Leader of Oxford City Council