Changes to the Hinksey Park ward by-election

Published: Monday, 12th September 2022

Following the sad death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll there will be changes to the timetable for the Hinksey Park by-election.

The by-election is due to be held on Thursday 29 September. This will remain the election date.

The day of the Queen’s funeral, 19 September, will be a national day of mourning and the deadlines for registering for the by-election and applying for a postal vote, due next week, will move back one day.

This means that the last day to register in time for the election, currently midnight on Tuesday 13 September, will now move to be midnight on Monday 12 September;

The last day to apply for a postal vote, currently 5pm on Wednesday 14 September, will now move to 5pm on Tuesday 13 September.

There are no other changes and the voting day will remain Thursday 29 September.

For more information visit the Hinksey by-election web page.