Apply for a discount or exemption for Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone pilot

Published: Monday, 13th December 2021

Registrations are now open for eligible vehicle users to apply for a discount or exemption for Oxford's Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) pilot.

Those qualifying for a discount or exemption must apply before entering the zone.   

The ZEZ pilot will be launching on nine streets in Oxford city centre in February 2022. The aim of the pilot is to improve air quality in the city by restricting polluting vehicles from entering these streets between 7am and 7pm every day.  

Zero emissions vehicles such as electric cars can be used in the zone free of charge. All petrol and diesel vehicles, including hybrids, will incur a daily ZEZ charge of up to £10 unless they have a discount or exemption.  

The charge will vary depending on the emission levels of the vehicle. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be used to enforce rules within the zone.      

"The launch of the system to apply for discounts and exemptions is the next step in our journey to launching the Oxford Zero Emission Zone pilot.

“The Zero Emission Zone will help us to clean up our air and is key to reducing toxic air pollution in Oxford. As part of the pilot, we have introduced measures to support business and residents directly within the zone, as well as blue badge holders, and other drivers to transition to electric. If you are eligible for a discount or exemption then I encourage you to apply.”

Councillor Tom Hayes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Green Transport and Zero Carbon Oxford, Oxford City Council

“Britain’s first Zero Emission Zone is launching in February 2022. Oxford is leading by example and taking proactive measures to make our city centre a cleaner, healthier and more attractive place to live, work, visit and shop.  

“I would urge anyone who thinks they may be eligible for a discount or exemption to apply for it now to ensure it is in place before the ZEZ charges start in February. 

“We have been working with residents and businesses within the pilot area to help them prepare for this change. In the coming year, we will engage more widely with residents and visitors on how best to expand the ZEZ across the city centre.”  

Councillor Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy, Oxfordshire County Council

A range of exemptions and discounts are available for businesses and residents in the zone. Registration is now open at  for the following discounts and exemptions: 

  • residents’ vehicles 
  • hybrid non-Oxford Hackney carriage vehicles and all hybrid private hire vehicles 
  • business vehicles 
  • community transport vehicles 
  • disabled tax class vehicles 
  • blue badge holders’ vehicles 
  • health and care providers’ vehicles 

Businesses and residents can apply at any time from Monday 13 December and can continue to register once the scheme has opened in February 2022.

Vehicle emission levels can be checked online on Get vehicle information from DVLA - GOV.UK ( or on Euro Emission Standards Checker: HPI | Euro Emission Standards, Euro 6 Diesel Emissions Standards Explained.