Oxfordshire Homeless Movement: This Christmas, create a new beginning for anyone currently experiencing homelessness in Oxfordshire

Published: Monday, 6th December 2021

At this time of year, many people are reminded how vital it is that everyone has a safe, stable and decent home. Homelessness robs people of this basic need.

OHM’s partners are on the ground delivering many hard-hitting local projects that bring hope to people experiencing homelessness. However, some people have nowhere to turn, even at Christmas. When people have lost or don’t have access to state-funded benefits and housing, this can leave them quite literally out in the cold. Working with its partners, one of OHM’s priorities is to fill these gaps when others can’t.  

OHM’s latest project could be the last hope for people in this situation. It addresses this unmet need, giving warmth and human friendship by providing both stable homes and help to recover from the trauma of homelessness. So far, we have supported eight people (soon to be nine!), who now have the chance for a new beginning, preparing for work and to be a part of the community again.  

Your donations and our work support people like Paul, who had no access to housing, despite being in the country legally. He says: “Being homeless is so degrading. Denying people access to housing can cause untold suffering and nobody should be treated like this. This support has given me something tangible that makes me feel like a human being again.”

OHM is also proud to support the Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF). LEAF ensures that our work remains up to date and relevant, guided by people who have personally experienced homelessness. This means we can help our partners to understand fully what is critically needed.

This Christmas, your donations will help provide homes and support to 12 more people who have been denied a home due to their legal status; continue our vital engagement with people who have lived through the issues; and support our charity partners in their work to make houses into homes.

What you can do to help


  • Increase your understanding of the issues by signing our charter and spreading the word about OHM.
  • Fundraise for OHM over the festive period.
  • Volunteer for local homeless organisations offering support at Christmas.



  • Make a one-off gift:
    • £10 will help someone rebuild their life by making it to vital appointments
    • £75 will enable someone to be self-sufficient in their new home
    • £250 will help someone recover from the trauma of homelessness with counselling and support
  • Make a regular donation to help us deliver this project and others well into the future
  • You can donate online or by sending a cheque made payable to Oxfordshire Community Foundation with OHM written on the reverse to Oxfordshire Homeless Movement, PO Box 941, Oxford OX1 9TQ.

With your help this Christmas, more people will have a new beginning.