Extra financial help for those self-isolating

Published: Tuesday, 10th August 2021

Self-isolation payments are available to more people in Oxford, thanks to the City Council.

The City Council administers a government-funded scheme aimed at helping those who are financially out-of-pocket due to having to self-isolate. The Council has decided to increase the maximum earnings for those claiming the discretionary category from £306 per week to £500 per week scheme. The Department of Health and Social Care is providing £20m a month nationally until the end of September to help people who are told to self-isolate either due to contracting Covid or coming into contact with someone who has.

Who is eligible

Anyone wanting to claim the financial support must have a CTAS ID number - the number that the Test and Trace team at the NHS give out to confirm that you have correctly registered your self-isolation.

People who are working and receiving benefits and who have had a drop in income because they are self-isolating can apply to the City Council for a payment of £500. The City Council will check this details against Department for Work and Pensions records.

But there is also a discretionary for people who are not in receipt of benefits but who have had a drop in wages during self-isolation. To qualify for this claimants must comply with test and trace rules, be employed with reduced earnings due to self-isolation and who cannot work from home. Claimants’ savings must be under £6,000, they must have priority bills to be paid during this timeframe (for example rent, mortgage, utility bills, or child maintenance). Crucially, they must now have a weekly gross income of less than £500. This £500 threshold took effect from 5 July.

Applications can be made up to 42 days after NHS notification.

The Council’s web page on self-isolation payments has more details on who is and is not eligible and how to make a claim.

“Self-isolating is essential to protecting yourself and others from the impact of Covid - it is however creating further stress and financial hardship for many people and families, especially those on low incomes. 

We are committed to helping everyone access financial help they are entitled to if they are told to self-isolate. If you think you may be entitled to assistance please do visit our support payments webpage for more information and to apply.”  

Councillor Shaista Aziz, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Communities