“Earn while you learn”: Oxford City Council opens 20 apprenticeships for 16-20 year olds

Published: Tuesday, 19th April 2016

Oxford City Council is recruiting young people for a range of apprenticeships from electricians, gardeners, gas engineer and surveyor/ estimator, to business administration, and many more..

The scheme is aimed at 16-20 year olds that live in OX1-OX4 and attend or attended an Oxford City School.

To launch the trade opportunities available, the City Council’s Direct Services department is running an Apprentice Open Evening in Cowley from 5pm to 8pm on 20th April (Marsh Road Depot, OX4 2HH) aimed at young people, parents and communities. At the event, people can meet staff, apprentices and get advice on applying and get information about jobs in the Council.

The Council’s Apprentice Programme Co-ordinator, Jarlath Brine said: “Oxford City Council has a strong apprenticeship culture, with a track record of “growing our own”: investing in, supporting and developing talented young people living in the City with a range of careers that not many employers can match. There are no magic ingredients, but if you have a great attitude, the drive, passion and commitment for learning and self-development, come and “earn while you learn”. It’s telling that over 80% of people who have completed an apprenticeship with us stay and develop their careers with us”.

One example is Stephanie Rockett, a Business Administration apprentice in the HR department who won the craft guild, Freemen of Oxford award for “apprentice of the year”. “You’re constantly learning new things and getting paid whilst doing it. The apprenticeship has given me confidence to do things I would never thought I could do and the chance to take part in exciting projects and training to help my development.”, she said. Stephanie is now a HR Assistant at the City Council.

“This means a big deal to me”, explained Jordan McKinlay, a second year apprentice Electrician. “I was given the opportunity to learn a trade that I have always wanted to do. It’s very practical and I was able to pick up different techniques, learning from people with whom I get along so well.”

Our approach is to develop young people’s careers, growing local talent by developing high quality and sustainable apprenticeships. Apprentices become ambassadors for the programme and are given the chance to mentor other young people and share their experiences at events.

Lucy Longford, also a Business Administration apprentice and a mentor added: “The best bit about doing my apprenticeship is getting an insight into a trade which I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Also learning on the job has given me so many skills which will be valuable for my future”.

Oxford City Council won the top Gold Award at the Apprenticeships4England Awards 2015 which celebrate the achievements of employers who are committed to developing their workforce through apprenticeships and who have excelled and shown a dynamic approach to working in close partnership with their training providers.

Direct Services Recruitment Open Evening
20 April 2016, at Oxford City Council, between 5pm and 8pm
Direct Services, Marsh Road Depot
Cowley, OX4 2HH