BLOG: Building for the future, protecting the past

Published: Monday, 9th August 2021

Future, present, past. Worlds colliding in Oxford.

Earlier this year, an archaeological excavation on a housing development site in the city centre unearthed walls and floors of a 13th century friary that taught theology to students from all over Europe. Finds included fragments of moulded stone, decorated floor tiles, painted window glass and a stone coffin.

Oxford has buildings from every period of British architectural history from the 11th century onwards.

Our iconic dreaming spires are world famous, and there are around 1,500 listed buildings in our city.

We also have nearly a quarter of a million trees, and our green spaces, rivers and waterways make a big contribution to the unique character of Oxford.

We’re taking the first steps in developing our next Local Plan and we want your views on how we can protect the natural and built environment.

What do you think Oxford should look like in 2040?

The Local Plan 2040 will set out how and where we will provide the homes, jobs and community facilities our city will need in 20 years.

And it will also set out what we will do to keep what makes our city special.

We want to preserve our architectural heritage.

Good urban design will ensure new developments blend in with their surroundings.

We want to enhance biodiversity and protect our green spaces and waterways from threats like flooding and climate change.

This is the first round of public consultation on our Local Plan 2040. We want you to tell us what matters to you and what you think we should be doing to protect our city.

Please have your say and take part in the consultation: