Oxford City Council agrees £1.4m to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping

Published: Wednesday, 16th March 2016

Oxford City Council agrees £1.4m to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping in the city.

The money will fund support and advice services for both those who are currently homeless or sleeping rough, and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Funding will take a holistic approach, with money going to a range of services - from outreach projects for rough sleepers through to training and employment support.

Oxford City Council has made a commitment to maintain its £1.4m of funding for the city’s homelessness service for at least the next four years.

The Council’s City Executive Board made the decision of how to allocate the £1.4m at a meeting on Thursday 18 March.

The funding includes:

  • £350,893 for Oxford SPOT (Street Population Outreach Service), a team of nine people, run by St Mungo’s, who deliver outreach and advice services for rough sleepers
  • £47,850 to fund support workers for Housing First, a specialist project to help get some of the city’s most entrenched rough sleepers into accommodation
  • £25,000 to fund a mental health practitioner, providing the Luther Street Medical Centre’s outreach team with specialist mental health support
  • £20,000 for severe weather provision, funding additional emergency beds for rough sleepers in periods of serve weather
  • £15,000 to fund deposits so that homeless people can move into private rented accommodation
  • £77,623 for Aspire Oxfordshire to provide education, training and employment support for homeless people
  • £55,000 to Steppin Stones Day Centre to support rough sleepers and those who are vulnerably housed through activities, training and education

Councillor Mike Rowley, Executive Board Member for Housing, said: “Oxford City Council is committed to maintaining its £1.4m funding of Oxford’s homelessness services because we understand the importance of them.”

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